v2.6 Released!

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So I wanted to make sure I took some time to work out the things that stood out more than others. Like the broke-ass sales algorithm.  I had no idea until finding time to do a proper playthrough last week. This build is internally referred to as "Cozy Patch #1" because of how damn long it took as well as it being a major stepping stone to taking a more feature oriented approach soon. And to get there, we need to really focus on stability.

This month was a nightmare so I wanted to end it on a better note.  I'll be shooting to get a write-up out on the blog soon.  There's more to say about that but it'll have to wait.

I'm still shaking off the burnout after what happened back in October.  I dedicate this latest release to The Deuce on HBO.  It really gave me an easy way to get back into the head space I needed to produce this.  And of course the biggest incentive of all is your support since then.  Thanks!

Changelog - https://trello.com/b/Z31dLWWS/triple-x-tycoon

Discord - http://discordapp.com/invite/wfpjJHv

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Apr 21, 2018

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